How to get involved in diving

Starting out in diving

If you want to take the plunge and quite literally throw yourself into diving, there are opportunities to get involved all across the country. Here's our guide on starting out in the world of diving.

Although in recent times the availability of facilities for diving have generally been on the declinewith the times for diving being reduced at many municipal poolsthere are still some good facilities to try out the sport and many clubs are ready to take on a willing learner.

How to get involved in diving
One of the reasons for the closure of facilities has been the perception of diving as being a dangerous activity, but diving with sensible safety management is a very safe activity.

Diving is increasingly viewed as an elite activity, only undertaken by expert competition divers, but they all had to start somewhere! Many good divers started off using public facilities, and then went on to find a local club where they could learn to do it properly.

To get started it is worth enquiring at your local swimming pool, gym or leisure centre and even if they don’t have the facilities, they may know where the nearest ones are.

Flip 'n' Fun diving

Flip 'n' Fun is the latest initiative designed by the Amateur Swimming Assoication (ASA) to get kids into diving. The courses are designed to strike a good balance between fun and serious training. It is designed to help develop the basic skills required to dive professionally. The course can be found at leisure centres,gyms and pools acrss the country and usually taliors for ages 4 to 11.  

The Great Britain Diving Federation have an excellent website listing all the diving facilities, both indoor and outdoor, as well as the local club contacts. You can use the site to find your nearest dive club:

Amateur Swimming Assoication

The ASA is the goverining body for swimming in the UK. They are repsoncible for the sport of diving and its development. They can provide more information on how to ge tinto diving and local facilities and have regional managers for diving listed on their website:

Amateur Swimming Association
SportPark, 3 Oakwood Drive,
LE11 3QF.


Phone: 01509 618 700

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