How to get involved in rowing

A brief guide for the beginner rower

Here’s our guide to starting out in rowing and joining a rowing club. Rowing is a great way to get the body fit and healthy through active and refreshing exercise, so why not get involved?

Rowing is a thriving sport in which people of all ages and abilities can get involved.

How to get involved in rowing

Rowing clubs are spread around the country and almost anywhere where there is a major river, you will find a club. However, rowing opportunities are not just confined to rivers; many rowing clubs also use lakes, reservoirs and coastal waters and will gladly welcome beginners — so there is no excuse not to get involved!

Clubs will provide the required equipment and the instruction needed for a beginner to get started in rowing. You don’t even need specialist clothing — just a simple tracksuit or something that allows you to move freely will be sufficient when starting out.

Also, the costs of getting started are not over the top — rowing club membership fees vary between £35 to £180 per annum, but usually include the use of all facilities and boats.

Due to the popularity of the sport, there are a whole host of websites and contacts geared toward the beginner — a good place to start would be the Amateur Rowing Association.

Contact information
The Amateur Rowing Association
6 Lower Mall
W6 9DJ
Tel: 020 8237 6700

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