How to get involved in skydiving

Top tips to get you started in skydiving

Skydiving is a great adventure sport for giving your body a sensory overload and massive adrenaline rush. Here’s the quick guide on the best places to go to get involved in skydiving.

Everything you need to know about how to get into skydiving, from locations of your nearest drop zone to answering many common questions, can all be found on the BPA’s (British Parachuting Association) website.

Alternatively, you can visit your local dropzone … skydivers are an extremely friendly bunch and always welcome new members to the sport. Your first few jumps can be a daunting experience but, don’t forget; every skydiver you meet at a dropzone will have once been a beginner too and will always give you help and advice if you want to get involved in skydiving.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not you want to get involved in skydiving then you will soon be overcome when you see the looks of sheer enjoyment on people’s faces as they land!

Get involved in skydiving

Does a governing body regulate skydiving training?

In the UK, training is regulated by the BPA. The BPA oversees all parachute safety and training in the UK ensuring that the equipment, facilities and tuition at all dropzones are of the required standards.

Where can you get involved in skydiving?

There are over 35 dropzones with parachuting clubs and centres up and down the UK.

For your nearest dropzone visit the British Parachute Associations website (details above). All parachute centres offer courses to novice skydivers, but chat to some experienced skydivers to find out the best locations to learn.

Rapid progression in learning to skydive in the UK can be hindered by the British weather since very strict limits on wind speed and cloud levels are enforced for novice jumpers. Many experienced skydivers will tell you that if you want to learn quickly with almost guaranteed good weather and fantastic value for money then consider learning to skydive overseas. Options to consider are the U.S. Spain or France but for the best value for money and superb tuition the Czech Republic is hard to beat.

Alternatively, you could get involved in a charity skydive or parachute event and raise some funds for charity while you get your adrenaline kicks. Check out our charity parachute listings to find an event.

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