How to get involved in taekwondo

Useful contact information for taekwondo beginners

Want to get started in taekwondo? As with any sport, getting started in taekwondo may seem daunting to the beginner, particularly if you are a newcomer to the world of martial arts. However, finding a taekwondo club and getting involved in it is not a difficult task. Here's a quick guide on getting involved in taekwondo.

Many people decide to take along a friend when they start out so they don’t feel too uncomfortable initially – and this is a good way to overcome any fears you have about getting involved in taekwondo.


Even if you go alone, though, you will quickly be paired up with a sparring partner who will normally be a good help through the early stages and beyond.

Many taekwondo clubs in the UK provide training within your local leisure centre – often with the first lesson offered free of charge. So, your first step could be to get down to your local leisure centre or sports club and see if they are running a class.

The British Taekwondo Control Board can provide you with an excellent list of taekwondo clubs that exist throughout the UK. Here are their contact details:

British Taekwondo Control Board
11 Hassocks Hedge
Banbury Lane
Tel: 01604 460800

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