How to get started in golf

Try golf at the driving range or even pitch and putt!

Getting started is not as difficult as you might think. While many golf courses are for members only and can be difficult to get into, your options are not just narrowed down to playing on a lovingly tended 18-hole club course.

Initially, you won’t want to hit the golf course unless you have at least some competency at the game. While everyone has been a beginner at some point, there is no worse sight than someone taking swing after swing (and divot after divot) while on the golf course.

If you have not tried the game at all, then you might want to consider buying just one club, perhaps a high numbered iron and then lofting the ball around your local park (provided hitting a golf ball around hasn’t been banned there and it is VERY quiet!).

Another alternative would be to visit your local pitch and putt, or even crazy golf. You can get a feel for the game and see whether golf may be something you really fancy turning your hand to. The golf driving range (usually with row after row of keen golfers) is another option for the beginner. Tuition is usually available on site and now more and more venues are also adding small pitching and putting areas.

A golf professional is the best person to advise you and if you really fancy getting to grips with golf, you should seek one out. Every club will have their own golf professional who will be able to provide expert tuition.

You will easily find your local club or professional in the Yellow pages, and given their size — it is difficult not to spot your local course! 

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