Hydration and exercise

The importance of water when exercising

Fluid intake is a really important consideration when exercising. Hydration should not be overlooked and should be a key element of any exercise or sporting activity that is planned because being dehydrated can severely impare your performance and even your safety.

Hydration and drinking before exercise

You should be fully hydrated prior to taking any exercise. Whether training or competing, it is important not to start dehydrated. Large amounts of alcohol should be avoided the night before too. In any situation, but particularly where intake of fluid could be restricted during an event, you must aim to be fully hydrated before the event begins. This can be achieved by having a high fluid intake during the days before the race. To check your hydration, check your urine. It should be pale yellow and you should need to pass urine often throughout the day.

Hydration and drinking during exercise

You might be surprised to learn that there is no benefit to drinking during exercise lasting less than 30 minutes. If you are exercising for longer though, it is advisable to take fluids. Fluid should ideally be drunk before you become thirsty; a bottle with a sports cap is best.

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