I – Running A-Z

Running terms beginning with 'I'

A selection of key running terms to ensure that running terminology doesn’t leave you confused. Refer to the key running terms below and find out their meaning so that you’ll be a running expert in no time ...

Illiotibial band, (ITB), body part.
A thick, wide band of tissue that runs from the pelvis to the knee joint. It can cause knee problems if inflexible, known as runner’s knee, which is relieved by maintaining ITB flexibility.

Injury, other technical term.
Injuries are often common amongst runners and typically result from one or more of the following problems:

  1. Insufficient flexibility.
  2. Incorrect footwear or kit.
  3. Lack of a warm-up or a cool-down.
  4. Too rapid an increase in training.
  5. Too much high-intensity training.
  6. Overtraining.
  7. A change in training surfaces.
  8. Too much competition.
  9. Insufficient supplementary training, such as core and resistance training.

Interval training, technique.
A cardiovascular training session that involves repeated bouts of exercise, separated by rest intervals. Depending of the length of exercise and rest periods, it may be anaerobic or aerobic training. An example session might be 3 x 1 mile (1.6km) with 3 minute recoveries, where the athlete would run three separate miles at a fast pace with a recovery period of three minutes where they might walk, jog or completely rest. Used for improving cardiovascular fitness and speed.

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