Indoor ice climbing walls

Outdoor sport training indoors

Practice ice climbing year-round thanks to a growing number of ice climbing walls which offers a perfectly safe environment to get to grips with the exciting sport.

Ice climbing for the first time will be a fun-packed experience!
  • Ice climbers can now practice and enjoy their sport all year round thanks to an increasing number of indoor ice climbing walls that have been developed throughout the country.
  • Ice climbing walls are basically huge rooms cooled by freezers so that sheets of ice form on the walls. Ropes are then fixed in place on the ceiling around the room to allow you to be top-roped up your route.
  • Ice climbing for the first time is a fun-packed experience as you learn to swing your ice axes into the ice wall and kick your crampon tips in with your feet to make your way upwards. After a short climb you’ll be gasping for breath and left wondering how anyone ever manages to climb Mount Everest.
  • Course instructors will guide you through the equipment used and basic ice climbing techniques, and some courses will culminate in the group visiting an outdoor ice climbing venue to put into practice what you have learned.
  • Experienced ice climbers also benefit immensely from indoor ice-climbing walls over the summer months, as they offer the opportunity to train regularly to maintain skill levels.

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