Indoor rock climbing walls

Outdoor sport training indoors

Indoor rock climbing offers a perfect introduction to the sport and allows you to get to grips with the basics in a controlled, safe environment.

Indoor rock climbing walls offer the perfect environment for rock climbing and will help you to keep mountain fit during bad weather …
  • Indoor rock climbing walls offer a superb and fantastically safe environment in which to learn to rock climb!
  • Many climbers who escape from work at the weekends to go climbing outdoors still visit a local indoor climbing wall one or two evenings a week to keep on top of their climbing.
  • Even experienced rock climbers can benefit immensely from indoor climbing walls, as they offer the opportunity to train regularly to maintain skill levels without having to worry about the weather!
  • Climbing wall centres up and down the country offer introductory rock climbing courses for people interested in getting involved in climbing. If you go on one of these courses, the instructors will guide you through the equipment used and basic rock climbing techniques — plus most courses will culminate in the group visiting an outdoor rock-climbing crag to put into practice what you have learned.

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