Indoor snow slopes

Outdoor sport training indoors

Nothing can beat the adrenalin rush of speeding down a snow-covered slope — but now you don’t even have to step outside! Modern technology allows real snow to be made and used on indoor snow slopes — making them the perfect venue in which to start learning to ski or snowboard or to improve your existing skills.

Training on an indoor snow slope covered in real snow offers immense benefits for your training
  • Training on an indoor snow slope covered in real snow offers more benefits to you than training on outdoor artificial ski slope. The experience is far more realistic and far less painful if you take a tumble!
  • If you’ve booked a skiing or snowboarding holiday, then visiting an indoor snow slope is ideal if you want to learn some basic skills before you travel.
  • For keen skiers and snowboarders, indoor snow slopes have become ideal for maintaining and improving their skills on real snow all year round!
  • Venues usually offer introductory skiing and snowboarding courses for people interested in getting started, as well as courses for more experienced people.
  • Course instructors will guide you through the equipment used and the techniques involved.

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