Introduction to golf

The addictive, enjoyable and frequently frustrating nature of golf

Golf is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Pretty much anyone can give give golf a go, and you don't even have to wear those ridiculous plus-fours either. Golf is an exceptionally skilful game and is great way of easing yourself back into fitness or just going along for the social side of the sport, especially the 19th hole!

Golfers will tell you how addictive a sport it can be — it's both enjoyable and annoyingly frustrating at the same time. You can go from hitting one brilliant drive to following it up with a shocking mis-hit, leaving you tearing your hair out (if you've got any left) — yet you keep coming back for more.

Usually, as soon as you hit a bad shot you are so keen to take your next. You stride purposefully up to your ball (providing you can still find it!) eager to make amends.

Some people are just born with a natural ability to be good golfers, while others get to a decent standard through sheer hard work and persistence — practice, practice and more practice being the key. One thing with golf is that you will never get in your comfort zone. Everyone is always anxious to improve and can improve — even the likes of Tiger Woods will have a belief that he can get better.

There are days when everything will fall into place and you really think you’ve got it sussed, and then the next time you play, you might have the round from hell; hacking large divots out of the ground, losing several balls — as well as seemingly losing your mind. But one thing is certain; you will come back time and time again. Once you take to the sport, you will probably end up playing it all through your lifetime and the good thing is — you can!

Golf is an excellent way to get back into exercise; whatever your age and despite the jibes that a round of golf is ‘a way to ruin a good walk’, try thinking of it in another way. On an average round, you will probably cover around 4 miles (6.45km) plus the extra distance looking for your lost balls — as well as enjoying a superb challenge as you go.

Many people come to golf, possibly thinking they can just go at it alone, without any instruction. While, they may reach a passable standard, chances are they could have been so much better — just with a little guidance in the outset. Therefore, if you are considering taking up golf, try a few lessons first to get the basics right — just to get into the swing!

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