Introduction to skateboarding

Fitness benefits of skateboarding

Interested in skateboarding? Our introduction to skateboarding will show you the basics, where the sport began, and show you just where skateboarding can take you. Happy rolling!

Where has skateboarding come from?
Where better to start our introduction to skateboarding than the very beginning? When a group of San Francisco surfers got bored over a slow 1950s summer they nailed wooden planks to roller-skate wheels. Little did they know they were creating a whole new sport. The surfers were looking to replicate the sea′s waves on dry land. What they created was skateboarding - a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world.

Introduction to skateboarding

The popularity of skateboarding has seen glorious peaks and horrendous lows since the early days but is currently basking in its 'Golden Age'.  Skateboarding is arguably is at its most popular, with events such as the 'X Games' and 'Gravity Games', the 'Tony Hawk' series of video games and the improvement in skateboard technologies all contributing to improve the profile and image of a brilliant sport.

Who can enjoy skateboarding?
Skateboarding has numerous health and fitness benefits, boosting your hand and leg muscles, improving agility and foot flexibility, and focusing your mind.

Anyone can enjoy skateboarding. It’s not just for kids! If you’ve never skated before, give it a try. We have a comprehensive guide for skateboarding beginners. Take skateboarding seriously, practice hard, stay safe and we believe you will love it.

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