Introduction to wakeboarding

Wakeboarding and the fitness benefits it brings

Here's an introduction to the adrenaline-filled sport of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is becoming increasingly popular and like water skiing brings with its plenty of fitness benefits, so why not get involved?

Introduction to wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is one of the coolest and most fun ways to take to the water. As snowboarding overtook skiing in the cool stakes on snow, wakeboarding is fast taking over water skiing as the funkiest way to ride the water by boat power.


Often described as a blend of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, wakeboarding involves the use of one wide board instead of two long planks attached to the feet as in water skiing. The rider uses rubber bindings to keep their feet on the board and steers the board in much the same way as a snowboarder.

Wakeboarding can be a little scary at first, but once you’ve picked up the basics, wakeboarding is extremely easy to learn and extremely fun to do. Gliding above the water is a real buzz and learning to ride the boat’s wake (hence the sport's name) is even more exhilarating. But be warned, once you’ve ridden a wakeboard, there’s a good chance you’ll want to try it again and again and again...

Wakeboarding does require a fairly good level of fitness and particularly strong arms, but the one thing you will definitely need is good sense of humour. You are going to perform all sorts of gymnastic moves trying to stop yourself crashing into the water. So anyone thinking of having a go at wakeboarding must be prepared for a laugh and to get extremely wet.

Health and fitness benefits of wakeboarding

Wakeboarding has a number of health and fitness benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Wakeboarding strengthens arm and leg muscles, with most of wakeboarding's physical demand placed on these key areas.
  • Wakeboarding improves flexibility in the hands and feet, as wakeboarding requires a nimble approach.
  • Wakeboarding improves reaction times and versatility, with sudden changes of direction and position required.
  • Wakeboarding develops hand-eye co-ordination, with the rider needing to stay balanced and focused.
  • Wakeboarding boosts your swimming ability, as you'll no doubt end up falling into the water more than once!
  • Wakeboarding improves mental concentration and refreshes the mind from daily distractions.

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