Kit for playing racketball

An overview of racketball equipment

When you first get started in racketball, it's important that you get the right kit. Here’s our guide to buying the right racketball kit to improve your game.

It’s important to have the correct protective gear in order to ensure you enjoy racketball in a safe manner when you’re on court — but getting kitted out need not cost you the earth. Several of the major racketball equipment manufacturers produce starter kits which typically include a racket, eye protection, and balls and these can be a good, relatively inexpensive place to start.

Kit for playing racketball

Here’s a quick list of the main items of kit you will need to get started playing racketball:

The racketball racket
Rackets vary in weight, but the heavier ones are better for beginners since they generate more power than lighter rackets. There are specific rules governing the size and dimensions of rackets so make sure you buy one that conforms to the rules.

Safety goggles for racketball
Safety goggles or glasses are recommended, as players can quite often be hit by the ball or even a swinging racket. However, although wearing eye protection is optional, most clubs require players to wear googles.

Gloves for racketball
Gloves are also not a requirement, but will help your game by giving you a better grip. Special gloves with open holes on the back, or with mesh ventilation, are the best ones to go for. These are usually made of leather, sheepskin, or synthetic materials.

Non-marking racketball shoes
The shoes you play in should have good grip, so that you can make quick starts and stops during the game. The soles are usually made of a gummy, rubbery material which is strong but does not leave marks on the court floor. Most racketball venues will insist on non-marking soles.

A ball for playing racketball
Balls are rated according to their speed so start with the slower balls and work your way up as you improve. A blue racketball is recommended for beginners, while a black racketball can be used by more experienced players.

Clothing for racketball
Comfortable clothing, such as the clothes you might wear when playing tennis or even working out at the gym, will be sufficient for you on court.

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