Know your maximum heart rate

The easy way to work out your maximum heart rate

There are several different methods of determining exercise intensity, one of which is training at different percentages of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate (MHR) is simply the highest heart rate that you can achieve during exercise. Here's the guide on how to work it out so you can plan your exercise around it.

Specific treadmill protocols and very high intensity training tests are often used by elite athletes to determine their MHR. However, a simple method to determine your approximate MHR can be made using the following formula:

Men: MHR = 214 – (0.8 x your age in years)
Women: MHR = 209 – (0.9 x your age in years)

For example:

A 30 year old man will have an approximate MHR of 214 – (0.8 x 30) = 190
A 30 year old woman will have an approximate MHR of 209 – (0.9 x 30) = 182

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