L – Running A-Z

Running terms beginning with 'L'

A selection of key running terms to ensure that running terminology doesn’t leave you confused. Refer to the key running terms below and find out their meaning so that you’ll be a running expert in no time...

Lactic acid, other technical term.
A by-product of exercise. Lactic acid has a negative effect on muscle function if it builds up faster than the body can eliminate it.

Last, equipment.
The framework upon which a running shoe is constructed.

Ligament, body part.
Connective tissue that attaches bone to bone or cartilage to bone.

Local muscular endurance, other technical term.
The ability of a particular muscle or muscle group to perform repeated contractions against a resistance that is less than maximum. For example, running requires repeated muscular contractions, which in turn requires good local muscular endurance from the leg muscles.

Long, slow, distance, (LSD), technique.
Cardiovascular training that involves covering a long distance at a slower than race pace. Used to build endurance, it also helps prepare the mind for the demands and concentration required in long distance races.

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