Low fat diet

Popular diet plans assessed

With a wide choice of diets out there to help with weight loss, choosing the right diet plan is not an easy task. Here we put the low fat diet under the microscope so you can decide whether it is the right diet to aid your weight loss.

Low fat diet

The theory about a low fat diet

All fats are very high in calories and therefore low fat plans aim to drastically reduce the amount of fat individuals eat. Foods such as butter, oil, margarine, mayonnaise, chips, chocolate and cheese are limited. All of these foods are replaced with lower-fat versions where possible, and if that is not possible they are severely restricted.

Our opinion on a low fat diet — marked out of 10


Satisfying hunger 8
Good for health 10
Ease to follow 8
Expense 7
Overall rating 9




Overall verdict on a low fat diet

A low fat diet is a very good start towards eating healthily and losing weight.  Balance must be kept in mind though, as many foods that are low in fat are either high in salt (savory foods) or high in sugar (sweet/dessert foods). All food contains calories and this must be remembered even when eating low-fat foods.

Pros of a low fat diet

  • Cutting back on fat can help reduce the number of calories you eat and therefore help weight loss.
  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables is encouraged as both are low in fat.

Cons of a low fat diet

  • High-sugar foods may be eaten to excess on a low fat diet as sweets are low in fat and this can be detrimental to the health of the teeth.
  • Be aware that it is important to read labels on foods, just because a food is low in fat does not necessarily mean that it is low in calories.
Alcohol — Some types are allowed, but drinks such as Irish cream liqueur and some cocktails are not allowed.
Suitable for vegetarians — yes.
Suitable for vegans — yes.
Suitable for coeliacs — yes.
Need to buy specialist foods — no.
Restaurant friendly — yes, but always ask the waiting staff to check how foods are cooked.

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