M — Fitness A-Z

Fitness terms beginning with 'M'

Our A to Z of fitness terms should ensure you are well versed in all the jargon and other technical terms associated with fitness. Here’s all the fitness terms we have identified beginning with ‘M’…

Marathon, activity.
Running event 26.2 miles (42.2 km) in length.

Massage, other technical term.
Manipulation of the body’s tissues by rubbing, pinching, kneading and tapping, in order to flush out waste products and realign damaged muscle fibers.

Maximum heart rate, (MHR), other technical term.
The greatest number of times the heart can contract (or beat) in one minute. A very approximate figure can be obtained for adults by using the following formula: 220 – current age = MHR.

Medicine ball, equipment.
A heavy ball — typically the size of a basketball — used for strength and resistance training exercises.

Microtrauma, other technical term.
Microscopic damage that occurs to muscles during exercise.

Mobility, other technical term.
Refers to the general range of movement of a limb and is a direct function of flexibility. Imperative for injury-free exercise that good mobility is maintained.

Multi-stage fitness test, activity.
A test of aerobic fitness, where you complete shuttle runs (i.e. run backwards and forwards) over a 20m course in order to provide an estimate of your VO2 max.

Muscular endurance, other technical term.
A combination of strength and endurance. Refers to the ability to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for a prolonged period.

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