Mountaineering as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

Mountaineering — as its name suggests — is the sport of walking, hiking and climbing up mountains. The degree of difficulty with mountaineering depends on the terrain, with the more daring mountaineers venturing up high, craggy, and often snow-covered peaks.

young woman at the top of a mountain

Who is mountaineering suitable for?

Mountaineering is not for the casual participant! You will need to have substantial rock climbing and hiking experience, and many mountaineering clubs limit membership to over-18s. Considerable physical fitness as well as mental skills are required.

Risk factors of mountaineering

This sport can be extremely dangerous and should not be attempted without the necessary experience or a guide. Mountaineering requires significant safety gear, as there are the dangers of falling, things falling on you, or adverse weather — all of which you must be prepared for.

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