O – Running A-Z

Running terms beginning with 'O'

A selection of key running terms to ensure that running terminology doesn’t leave you confused. Refer to the key running terms below and find out their meaning so that you’ll be a running expert in no time...

Orthotic, other technical term.
A specially shaped insert – often custom-made – which is fitted into a training shoe to correct an abnormality in foot motion.

Outsole, other technical term.
The part of a running shoe that comes into contact with the ground. The outsole will be manufactured with different patterns depending upon its specific use. For example, an off-road shoe will have an aggressive studded-type outsole, while a pure road-running shoe will be smoother because grip will not be such an important issue.

Overtraining, other technical term.
Excessive volume, intensity, or both volume and intensity of training, resulting in fatigue, illness, injury and/or impaired performance. This can be alleviated by a reducing the amount of training that you do, training at a less intense level, and/or getting some rest.

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