Our favourite charity cycle rides

Get on your bike for charity

To help you choose the cycle trip of a lifetime, here's a list of some of the best charity cycle ride options, all of which provide a once-in-a-lifetime biking challenge.

If you are in the mood to get on your bike and use pedal power to see parts of the world that you haven't seen before then a charity cycle ride is the ideal way to do it. Charity cycling challenges are extremely popular and there are such a wide range of trips to get involved in, while doing your bit for charity at the same time.

India bike ride

India has some of the most varied and exciting scenery anywhere, and cycling here provides a great opportunity to view as a much of it as possible. The majority of rides take place in Rajasthan, known as the Land of Kings. This region shows India at its most exotic and colourful. The journey is a chance to live and breathe India, seeing some of the stunning sights such as the Taj Mahal, the Aravali hills and the colourful villages of Rajasthan.

Cycle Cuba

Swaying palm trees, pineapple plantations and tropical vegetation, provide the backdrop to a cycle ride that sees rural Cuba at its best. Trips will usually begin in Havana and end just off the south coast at Trinidad. Thankfully, Cuba has a strong biking culture, once you leave Havana; it is likely that you will meet only a few cars on the road, letting you to take in the countryside almost undisturbed.

China bike ride – the Great Wall to Tiananmen Square

The Great Wall is vast, and biking is a great way to see as much of it as possible. Riders should expect to cover an average of about 80km a day. Most of the challenges head into the countryside through the hills around Beijing and pass paddy fields, tiny villages, and the historic Ming tombs. There is usually an opportunity to visit Tiananmen Square – just make sure you don’t lose your companions among the many thousands of cyclists you’re likely to pass in the heavily populated centres.

London to Amsterdam bike ride

If your time is limited, but you are still looking to get involved, perhaps over a long weekend, then a London to Amsterdam bike ride could be just the ticket. Spread over four days, the adventure takes in the Essex countryside, across the North Sea to the Hook of Holland (on a ferry!) and then on to The Hague. Cyclists then head along Holland’s North Sea coastline, passing through traditional Dutch fishing villages and Holland's famous windmills – before arriving in Amsterdam for a well deserved drink or two.

Cycle Cambodia

The beautiful landscapes of rural Cambodia are opened up on a cycle trip here. Paddy fields, Buddhist temples and stilted houses are to be found along all routes which generally finish at Angkor Wat. Visitors often get an opportunity to see one of the many charity projects operating in the area. A trip here will enable you to be among the first generation of westerners to rediscover the country, after the ravages of civil war and the excesses of the Pol Pot regime.

Grand Canyon bike ride

Cycling trips generally take in more than 200 miles of the Grand Canyon’s 277 miles. Probably the USA's best known natural attraction, it is surrounded by diverse landscapes – from arid desert to riverside vegetation. Most days on a ride have challenging sections off-road, and generally finish with a trek on foot to see the Canyon in its full glory.

Kenya cycle

There are plenty of opportunities for cycling challenges in Kenya, with many starting from the slopes of Mount Kenya, Africa's second tallest peak at 5,199m. Routes go both on and off-road, taking in savannah plains, game parks, tropical rainforests and traditional villages. Lake Victoria is a typical scenic place to finish, and there are usually opportunities to visit Nairobi National Park.

South Cape Cycle Challenge

This a real trip of contrasts, a cycle challenge in the South Cape will take you from dense tropical bush to open deserts. The challenge will really test your stamina, but will allow you to experience some of South Africa's most dramatic scenery. Several charities have been given special permission to cycle in protected areas, with a proportion of the profits received, going towards local conservation projects.

Canadian Rockies

Cycling in one of Canada’s greatest National parks provides beautiful and extreme scenery along the way, taking in the Radium Hot Springs, Lake Louise and the Columbian Ice Fields. You better get your legs especially in gear for this one as routes consist of rolling hills and mountains, and for the more daring, many trip operators offer the option of white-water rafting on the Kicking Horse River.

Egypt cycle tour

For a touch of the ancient you could take in the awe-inspiring monuments of Egypt. Most trips naturally follow the massive Nile, with accommodation generally a bed on the water in a Nile cruiser. The routes take you from one extreme to another – from flat to undulating, or from green vegetation to desert terrain. The Aswan Dam, and Luxor – with its ancient burial places of the Pharaohs are among the highlights that make this a sensational place to take a cycling tour.

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