Pear and watercress wake-up juice

Low G.I. breakfast drink

This juice is perfect to wake you up first thing in the morning and goes down very well with a date and walnut breakfast muffin. Rich in vitamin C, B1, B6, K, E, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants and essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium and potassium, this juice is really a 'superdrink'.

The pear adds a sweetness to the peppery watercress, and also helps your body absorb the iron. It has long been known that watercress is good for you ... apparently the Greek general Xenophon gave his soldiers watercress to increase their vigor before going into battle and the Egyptian pharaohs gave their slaves freshly squeezed watercress juice to increase their productivity.


1. Whiz everything together in a blender until smooth.

2. Pour through a strainer into two long glasses and drink immediately.


  • 2 ripe, chilled pears, peeled, cored and chopped
  • Large handful watercress, large stalks removed
  • 200ml apple juice
  • 4 crushed ice cubes
  • ¼ tsp ground ginger (optional)

Vital Statistics

Serves: 2 x 150ml glasses
Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Good for: A low G.I. refreshing breakfast drink, full of essential vitamins and minerals to keep you alert and full of energy for hours

Calories (kcal): 144.9
Protein (g): 0.9
Carbs (g): 34.1
Fat (g): 0.3
Fiber (g): 3.2

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