Essential outdoor clothing and equipment

Always carry at least one phone on all your outdoor adventures. In the event of something going wrong while out in the great outdoors, you should still have a means of getting help through a phone.

  • A phone isn’t usually a piece of equipment specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, but you should always carry at least one on all your adventures. Seal your phone in a waterproof bag when you don’t need to use it, and always keep your phone in a protective case.
  • If possible, carry a number of handsets with you that work on different networks, in order to increase your chances of always being able to obtain a signal.
  • If you are in very remote areas away from network coverage, then it is a good idea to carry hand-held two-way radios to allow members of your party to keep in contact.
  • Always make sure phone batteries are fully charged before you leave!

In remote areas, group members can keep in contact using lightweight, two-way radios.

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