Pilates classes and finding a Pilates teacher

What to expect at a Pilates class

Pilates generally involves a lot of ‘mat work’, exercising on a mat on the floor. Some of the exercises performed in a Pilates session may seem familiar, not dissimilar to the stretches, sit-ups or even push-up type exercises of conventional fitness regimes, but the approach and method of doing them is completely different.

What to expect at a Pilates class

What's involved in a Pilates class?

You need to wear comfortable loose/stretchy clothing, and in time you may wish to get yourself a Pilates mat for practice at home (you do need something soft between you and the floor for Pilates exercises). The Pilates Foundation (see below) can give advice on how to choose a teacher and can help you find one in your local area. Small classes will give you more opportunity to be seen as an individual and be given specific assistance and appropriate instruction.

Finding a Pilates teacher

As with all physical exercise techniques, the best way to learn is with a qualified teacher. Once the secret of the select few, Pilates has become much more well-known and popular in recent years, and you will likely find a teacher in your local area doing classes at a gym, sports center, community center or adult education college.

To find out about Pilates teachers you can contact the UK Pilates governing body:

The Pilates Foundation UK Ltd
PO Box 36052
SW16 1XQ

Tel: +44 (0) 7071 781859

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