Prefontaine (1997)

An inspirational running biopic

Prefontaine is an inspirational and entertaining epic that is sure to make you want to go out and beat the odds.

Tagline: He beat the odds… and became a legend!

Prefontaine in a nutshell
The true-life tale of American track star Steve Prefontaine (Jared Leto) an at times controversial star who was considered by many to be the ‘James Dean of the track’. Prefontaine tended to lead from the front when running in races, and his cocky style meant that people took him to their hearts.

This movie shows Prefontaine to be the running rebel that he was, as well as someone who regularly smashed records and pursued his dreams of Olympic gold. It follows many triumphs and heartbreaks along the way, and is a good reflection of the sacrifices required to make it to the top whether it's in running or in another discipline.

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