Preparations for race day

Things to do to prepare for race day

As race day approaches, it is worth reminding yourself of a few basics and practicalities to ensure you're prepared in the best possible way. Here's's top tips on preparing for race day in the final few months, weeks, days and hours.

  1. Training plan: Stick to your training plan as best you can. Don’t increase your weekly mileage by more than 5 to 10 per cent per week or you will risk an injury.

    Start line and preparations for race day

  2. Focus: Focus on the long run. If training for a marathon, make sure that you increase it by a mile or two each week.

  3. Quality: If you don’t feel you have done enough training focus on quality and not quantity mileage.

  4. Taper: Make sure that you taper in the final few weeks. The last week means plenty of rest and not much running!

  5. Stay warm: Wrapping up warm is an important preparations for race day. Keep your muscles warm while you train in the cold weather.

  6. Injury: Don’t train if you get a cold or feel an injury developing.

  7. Twinge: If you feel a twinge book an appointment with a sports physio and have it checked out. Leave nothing to chance.

  8. Hotel: Book your overnight accommodation well in advance. Also plan where you are going to eat the night before the race and on race morning.

  9. Your bag: Start to think about what you are going to pack. Check that your gear is in good shape and that nothing is going to need replacing just prior to the event. If it is then do it as far in advance as possible.

  10. Brand new kit: Preparations for race day are important, as is not running the race in brand new kit. This includes your shoes as well as your running top, shorts and socks.

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