Pump/body pump

Group strength training class

The concept of a group strength training class using adjustable barbells and set to music has now diversified, and you may find classes with other similar names. Traditionally, ‘pump’ is pre-choreographed and set to music – so you might do lower body moves to one track, chest moves to another track, and a set of exercises for the arms to yet another different track.

The good thing about pump class is that the weights available are heavy enough to invoke a strength training response (unlike body conditioning classes) – which is a good way of introducing yourself to the whole concept of strength training without having to set foot in the gym! The fact that you do so many repetitions of each exercise, and that you move swiftly from one muscle group to another, also gives each pump class a reasonable aerobic element.

CV fitness rating Moderate
Strength rating High
Flexibility rating Low to moderate
Challenge rating Dependent on how many plates you add to that barbell!
Complexity rating Moderate
Benefits Boosts bone density and teaches proper weight training technique.

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