Quick weight loss in eight weeks — part 2

The weight loss workout

If your aim is quick weight loss for a special event such as hitting the beach, then our weight loss workout should deliver the results in quick time — provided you put the work in of course. So it’s time to burn that body fat and tone-up by working out.

Cardiovascular (CV) exercise

Increasing your levels of cardiovascular exercise is central to the quick weight loss plan — as well as bringing you a whole host of health and fitness benefits, including:

  • Easier weight management — simply put, you burn calories so it is the number one strategy for losing the unwanted pounds.
  • Toning-up — everyone wants toned legs and CV exercise is the fast-track route. The most effective types of CV exercise use the legs — because that is where your largest muscles are, so an additional benefit is improving leg muscle tone.
  • Building a strong heart and lungs — having a strong engine is of huge importance for all round good health. In addition, you will find everyday tasks easier, able to tackle each day with increased energy and vitality.

What sort of CV exercise should I do?

Any exercise that gets your heart rate going and you get slightly out of breath is good. Walking, jogging, running, skipping, rowing, cycling, CV machines at the gym — all will train your heart and lungs and bring about all the CV benefits above. Top CV exercises are the weight-bearing activities such as walking; jogging and running because you will burn more calories for the same time spent exercising as you are supporting the whole of your body weight.

How long should I exercise for?

To fast-track your fitness; aim to build up to completing five CV sessions per week. Walking a mile burns approximately 100 calories. So if your target is to lose half a stone, at a rate of one pound per week (0.45kg), you are looking at burning off 3,600 calories each week. To achieve that burn you can use a combination of resistance training, CV exercise and diet, for example:

Walking a couple of miles to work and back, five days a week need only take 35 minutes and adds up to half of your calorie loss straight away!


Resistance training

Resistance training is both a calorie burner and is the best way to tone-up specific areas. The most popular areas to target for that ‘get in shape look’ are:

  • Stomach
  • Obliques
  • Thighs
  • Underside of upper arms
  • Bottom
  • Core


Upper stomach muscles — sit-ups and crunches.
Lower stomach muscles — V-sit leg extensions.


(sides of the abdomen)
Oblique crunches on a stability ball.

Thighs and bottom

Any aerobic activity which uses the legs such as cycling, walking, jogging, running and rowing.

Underside of upper arms

Any triceps exercise, for example: triceps dips, triceps extensions or triceps kickbacks.


Core exercises train your inner postural muscles. These muscles aren’t visible but are fundamental to holding you in and keeping you upright. Good core exercises include: the plank, sitting completely upright on a stability ball and the stability ball floor bridge.

How much resistance training should I do?

Start slowly with a single weekly session but target building up to two sessions per week. Always allow at least two days rest in between sessions in order to allow time for your body to recover, adapt and grow stronger.

How many times should I complete an exercise?

Frequently, advice is given that to tone-up muscles, lots of repetitions with light weights are necessary. This advice is suitable for basic maintenance but to reactivate dormant muscles, challenging the body with fewer repetitions using a higher weight will bring about quicker and more improved results. Therefore the optimum number of repetitions would be:

Resistance exercises (triceps, obliques and stomach) — build-up to completing three sets of 12 repetitions, with a 60 second recovery between sets.

Core exercises — build-up to holding each exercise for 60 seconds.

Conclusions about the weight loss workout

Nothing worthwhile is achieved without some sacrifice and effort is something of a cliché but one that holds true. By making an effort to getting in shape, in terms of time spent exercising and sacrificing any unsuitable foods in your diet — you can really achieve something worthwhile. Whether it is weight loss, toning up or a combination of the two, by following the realbuzz.com program, you can achieve your goals and boost your overall health and fitness in a multitude of ways.

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  • FILTHYFAERIE 'I am so frustrated... have been going to slimming world for six weeks now. I have lost half a stone in that time - which is good, but historically that is all I have been able to shift in the last two years. Nothing more. and i have been that weight for past 2 weeks. I am running approx 18 -20 miles per week outdoors, and have a circuit workout at the gym 3 times a week which involves rowing/stepper/treadmill/cycle and weights. Despite increasing my exercise and changing my eating habits I cant seem to shift any more weight and its soooooooo frustrating. Any tips please?? I weigh 12st8lbs. (Have noticed that I have toned up a bit - loose clothes etc)'

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  • The_Broker 'Hi-not sure when you posted your comment but if this helps- You need to change your routine every 6 weeks or your body/muscle groups get use to the same routine. If you have a local gym have a word with a PT e.g work to exhaustion-less volume, heavier weights, running-do interval work i.e speed up and down, not just plod.'

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