R — Fitness A-Z

Fitness terms beginning with 'R'

Our A to Z of fitness terms should ensure you are well versed in all the jargon and other technical terms associated with fitness. Here’s all the fitness terms we have identified beginning with ‘R’…

Range of motion, (ROM), other technical term.
The degree of movement that occurs at a one of the body’s joints.

Recovery, technique.
See Rest.

Repetitions, (reps), techniques.

  1. For resistance training: One complete movement of an exercise from start to finish. For example lowering the bar on a bench press from full extension to the chest, and then raising it back up to full extension.
  2. For cardiovascular training: The duration of each effort. For example there are six repetitions in a session comprising 6 x ‘800 metres with 60 second recoveries’.

Repetition max, (RM), other technical term.
The maximum load that a muscle or muscle group can lift in a given number of repetitions before fatiguing. For example an 8RM load is the maximum load that can be lifted eight times.

Resistance training, activity.
A general term used to describe training with any type of weights — including gym machines, barbells and dumbbells — or training that involves bodyweight exercises. Resistance training is employed to tone and strengthen muscles and realign posture.

Rest, technique.
The period when not exercising and the most important component of any exercise program. It is only during rest periods that the body adapts to previous training loads and rebuilds itself to be stronger, thereby facilitating improvement. Rest is therefore vitally important for progression.

Resting heart rate, (RHR), other technical term.
The number of heartbeats per minute when at rest. The average RHR for an adult is 72 beats per minute.

Running club, other technical term.
A group of like-minded people who meet regularly (usually once or twice per week) for running training. Good running clubs are open to all abilities and often organize and arrange travel to races and generate social functions.

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