Essential outdoor clothing and equipment

Buying a decent rucksack, and one that is suited for your purpose, is essential if you are to avoid injury from an ill-fitting rucksack.

There is a huge variety of rucksacks available on the market — all of which are designed for different activities.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts will usually need to carry all the equipment they will need for their outdoor adventures with them so you should make sure you take a good quality rucksack with you.
  • Select the rucksack best suited to your needs but don’t skimp on price when making your purchase, as many long-term back injuries can be caused by ill-fitting rucksacks.
  • Take time to visit a reputable outdoor retailer and get your rucksack fitted properly. As with clothes and footwear, different people will need to get different rucksacks, since we are all different shapes and sizes!

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