Running (1979)

An inspirational running classic

Running is an inspirational and entertaining epic that is sure to make you want to go out and buy some new running gear so you can get back on track with your fitness.

Tagline: A story about having the courage to be what you are.

Running  in a nutshell
A fictional movie about American marathon runner Michael Andropolis (Michael Douglas), who sets his heart on representing the United States at the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal. Through his running, Andropolis hopes that success will help to resolve his problems with work, his marriage, and his family.

While watching this movie you’ll see the determination that is involved in running and get an experience of the Olympic Trials, where Andropolis barely makes the team. And if you don’t find yourself rooting for him during the Olympic marathon, then you must have a heart of stone! The scenes where he is running and the local kids join him are reminiscent of some of the motivational scenes in Rocky or even Forrest Gump. Inspiring stuff!

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