Running in Prague, Czech Republic

Spectacular running routes

A trip away does not have to mean that your running is neglected. Why not take advantage of your travel opportunities by running on one of the world's best running routes?

Distance: varies depending on your route.

Although known almost exclusively as a destination for the pre-wedding party crowd, Prague should be on your ‘to do’ list of running spots. It’s so cheap and easy to get to – and inexpensive while you are there, too. Prague is one of the most marvelous cities to run in and contains some stunning architecture, some hilly parts (should you be so inclined to tackle them), and also some fairly decent park sections!

So, why not head out from the Charles Bridge, and then run through some of the flat parks of the city, and along the shores of the River Vltav – all the while taking in views of the spectacular castle, palaces, museums, and the Old Town? And should you want to really test your stamina, there’s a city marathon each May – which, if you run in it, will ensure that you’ll see more than your fair share of the city in one go.

Top tips: Watch your step when you run, as some of the cobbled streets may pose a problem. Stromovka, in Bubenec, is a great place to run, as it’s the largest park in the city, most of it is flat, and the soft dirt trails it contains provide some relief from the cobblestones. Letna is not as large as Stromovka, but it is also a flat, pretty place to run in.

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