Running Niagara Falls, USA/Canada

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A trip away does not have to mean that your running is neglected. Why not take advantage of your travel opportunities by running on one of the world's best running routes?

Distance: up to 26.2 miles (approx 42km).

Imagine running past one of the greatest natural sights in the world! Niagara Falls has got to be one of the ultimate places to run – whether you’re just doing it for pleasure or pushing yourself in the official marathon that runs there every October. Situated on the Canadian/US border, the Falls are a sight you’ll never forget – and if you’re a member of a club, why not rope in plenty of your running colleagues to join you?

The marathon course here is the only international marathon to start in one country and finish in another, starting in the USA (Buffalo) and finishing in Canada (Ontario). Once you cross the Peace Bridge you will be in Canada, where the course follows the beautiful Niagara River Parkway. Both the marathon and the half marathon races finish with a 2-mile downhill section ending right by the inspiring Niagara Falls themselves.

Top tips: Should you not fancy doing the full marathon, the race day also includes a half marathon, a half marathon walk, a wheelchair marathon, a wheelchair half marathon, and a 5k run – all of which finish at Niagara Falls.

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