Running the Amalfi Drive, Italy

Spectacular running routes

A trip away does not have to mean that your running is neglected. Why not take advantage of your travel opportunities by running on one of the world's best running routes?

Distance: 30 miles (48.2km).

Usually noted for being one of the world’s most remarkable drives, there’s no reason why you should not run the route – or at least a portion of it – instead, provided you’re fairly brave. The Amalfi Drive stretches from Sorrento to Amalfi, and whatever section you run, you’re guaranteed to pass through some of the most picturesque towns and villages in the world.

The route follows a narrow and twisting road with the cliffs several hundred feet below as you go. Thankfully, most of the traffic on the route will not be going at too dangerous a speed to pose a threat to your safety, as they’ll be concerned with safely negotiating the twisting turns of the road – so their speed won’t be much faster than your own!

Top tips: Most drivers prefer to tackle the route driving north on the Amalfi Drive because it is the furthest away from the precarious cliff edge. You will want to run on the same side of the road as the northbound traffic – i.e. by running towards the south – so that you can see what vehicles are coming towards you.

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