Running the Great Wall of China

Spectacular running routes

A trip away does not have to mean that your running is neglected. Why not take advantage of your travel opportunities by running on one of the world's best running routes?

Distance: approx 1,500 miles (over 2,400km)!

What more spectacular site could there be to run along than the massive Great Wall? You’ll barely have a chance to scratch the surface, of course, and you’ll certainly have to get yourself in shape to make it worth your while – but running on it will be an experience you’ll never forget! There are plenty of tour operators providing chances to run a section, so organising a trip should be easy.

If you go in for the marathon, though, it will be one of the hardest you’re ever likely to do – involving a steep 2.5-mile continuous hill; then about 2 miles on the Wall; then running in a valley for about 16 miles; then going on the Wall again; and finally running down a very steep hill. The marathon course is situated in the picturesque and unspoiled surroundings of Tianjin Province north-east of Beijing.

Top tips: If you’re intending to run some of the Great Wall, then just make sure that you train well. The marathon course alone as has around 3,700 stairs in total to climb – so if you don’t want your run to be something you’d rather forget, then get in shape!

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