Running The Lakes, Minneapolis, USA

Spectacular running routes

A trip away does not have to mean that your running is neglected. Why not take advantage of your travel opportunities by running in one of the world's best running routes?

Distance: 6.5 miles (10.5 km), 6.8 miles (11km), or 10 miles (16km).

For some great running, head for the three city lakes which form a great recreational area in the heart of Minneapolis – which will make you feel as though you’re actually outside the city. Together, the Lakes form the first leg of the Twin Cities Marathon Course – but each has its own distinct character: Lake of the Isles is the smallest and quietest of the three; Lake Calhoun is the largest; and Lake Harriet is the busiest – where you may find yourself having to dodge a lot of pedestrians!

Taking in complete loops of all three of the Lakes will have you running around 10 miles; running from Isles to Calhoun is 6.5 miles; and running from Calhoun to Harriet is 6.8 miles.

Top tips: If you are looking for a quiet run, then Lake of the Isles is definitely the one to go for. Lakes Calhoun and Harriet can be very busy, and runners there will be more concerned about whether their running gear matches and whether their shades are cool enough! There are several water points and public conveniences along each of the lakes.

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