Sailing fitness

The health benefits of dinghy sailing

Dinghy sailing is an increasingly popular water sport that has great health and fitness benefits, refreshing the mind whilst building body muscles. Here’s our introduction to some of the ways in which dinghy sailing can help you to build up some serious sailing fitness.

Introduction to dinghy sailing
Dinghy sailing is fun, fast and wet! It’s a hugely popular water sport — there are millions of sailors dedicated to dingy sailing across the globe. It’s not hard to understand why the sport is so popular, as there is nothing quite like the feeling of hanging off the side of a dinghy racing across the water on a clear summer’s evening — it must be one of the best stress-busters around.

Sailing fitness

Different people get different thrills out of sailing. Many love the excitement of racing and the training and tactics that go with it, while others simply enjoy the peace and tranquility of sailing independently.

Although most dinghy sailing takes places over the summer months, there are a few die-hards that launch their boats throughout the whole year, determined not to miss their fix. There are hundreds of clubs all over the country, most of which have training available so it is easy to get started. You can learn the basics very quickly on a course and it’s not as expensive as you’d think.

The dinghies themselves come in various shapes and sizes, but the principles of sailing them are essentially the same. The best way to learn is in fairly stable two-person dinghies or in a small single-handed dinghy. Once you get to grips with the basics, the possibilities are endless; you could start racing, move on to fast performance dinghies or catamarans, or transfer your skills over to yachting.

Health and fitness benefits of dinghy sailing
Dinghy sailing is great for the mind and the body, with the following fitness benefits:

  • The chance to build arm and leg muscles, with the demands of hanging off the side of a boat.
  • Improving balance and concentration to stay safely on course.
  • Developing hand-eye co-ordination when steering the boat.
  • Refreshing and clearing the mind with the combination of sea air and water.

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