Scuba diving training in swimming pools

Learn to scuba dive in a swimming pool

If you are thinking about having a go at scuba diving, then many Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)-affiliated instructors offer training courses in swimming pools. A swimming pool offers the perfect environment in which to learn all the techniques of scuba diving until you and your instructor are happy that you are ready to get out there and take the plunge for real!

Swimming pools offer a great environment in which to learn or improve scuba diving skills
  • Training in a pool and not in the sea means that you will benefit from the still and warm water, and your instructor will be able to keep in close contact with you in order to help you practice many skills. He or she will also be able to stand in the pool and hold you while you learn to perform different skills and maneuvers.
  • Underwater, your instructor will be able to communicate with you using hand signals that you will easily be able to see in the clear waters of the swimming pool. You will also benefit greatly from being able to stand on the poolside and watch the instructor perform maneuvers and learn from watching their technique under the water — which you would not be able to do in murky sea waters!
  • PADI scuba diving courses take place up and down the country. During these, course instructors will guide you through the equipment used and the basic scuba diving techniques — plus most courses will culminate in the group taking a trip to the sea to put into practice what you have learnt.

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