Scuba diving training

Scuba diving courses and training agencies

Here's our introduction to scuba diving training, which is both a healthy and enjoyable pastime. Anyone that wants to scuba dive has to be taught through a training agency, recognized club or school. There are two main training agencies in the UK, the BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

There are various options to get into the sport of scuba diving; you could do a ‘try dive’ with an instructor or jump straight into a course. Most people tend to do a four or five day Ocean Diver (BSAC) or open water (PADI) course. These courses are both excellent, and on qualification you will be able to dive with a diving partner of similar or higher standard, anywhere in the world.

Scuba diving training

The courses can be done in the UK or overseas. You can easily become a certified diver during a one-week trip overseas. There are now many specialist dive tour operators, all offering ‘learn to dive’ package deals. They offer similar itineraries: two days in a classroom and swimming pool and two to three days diving in the sea or ocean (open water). The course covers everything you need to learn to dive safely. A popular option is doing the classroom and confined water (swimming pool) work in the UK, then traveling overseas to complete the open water part of the course.

The training agency qualifications are recognized the world over by diving schools and centres. So you could train in Bognor and then use your qualification to go diving in the Red Sea or Indonesia. Or, if you so desire, train in the Red Sea and go diving in Bognor!

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