Skydiving as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

Skydiving involves throwing yourself out of an aircraft or other airborne craft at a typical height of around 12,000ft (approximately 3,658m) and then free-falling for a period of time before activating a parachute and steering it safely towards a landing site. Some people take skydiving to further extremes by doing things such as sky surfing.

group of men skydiving

Who is skydiving suitable for?

There is usually an age limit of 16, and it is considered best to consult a doctor if you are over 40. However, skydiving is a possibility for most reasonably fit people, provided that they are not prone to panic! Most skydivers make their first jump with an experienced instructor in the form of a tandem skydive.

Risk factors of skydiving

Despite seeming to be fraught with danger, fatalities in skydiving are rare. You have to complete a thorough course of training, and skydivers are required to carry a reserve parachute — plus some parachute packs now use an automatic activation device which activates the reserve parachute if the skydiver has failed to do so.

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