Skydiving in the UK

Adrenaline sports in the UK

Fancy trying skydiving in the UK? Definitely not for the faint-hearted, skydiving is all about freedom, exhilaration and lots of adrenalin. Imagine standing at the edge of an aircraft doorway, 12,500ft in the air before leaning forward, falling into the clouds and diving through the air. Sound like fun? Then read on for our guide on skydiving in the UK.

When it comes to skydiving in the UK, you'll often find that you're hindered by the British weather since very strict limits on wind speed and cloud levels are enforced for novice jumpers.

Skydiving in the UK

Many experienced skydivers will tell you that if you want to learn quickly with almost guaranteed good weather and fantastic value for money then consider learning to skydive overseas.

Options to consider are the USA, Spain or France, but for the best value for money and superb tuition; the Czech Republic is hard to beat.

How many people take part in skydiving in the UK, is there are governing body?

In order to take part in skydiving in the UK you must obtain a BPA (British Parachuting Association) membership. The BPA acts in the interests of all skydivers in the UK to ensure that the equipment, facilities and tuition at all dropzones are of the required standards.

Membership is currently £117 per year and an application form can be downloaded from

BPA membership includes Third Party Liability Insurance for up to £2,000,000. If you are planning on skydiving overseas then take some time to check out personal insurance and medical requirements.

The BPA currently has over 30,000 members which gives some indication to the popularity of skydiving.

Who can do it?

Almost anyone can have a go at skydiving in the UK, as long as you are reasonably fit and healthy, over the age of 16 (participants under the age of 18 will need a signed letter from a parent or guardian) and under 17 stone in weight, you are free to dive. Please be aware that most dropzones do require anyone over the age of 40, to have a medical certificate signed by their doctor for safety reasons. So, once you have fully complied with these rules, it’s off to your nearest dropzone.

Where can you do it?

There are over 35 dropzones for skydiving in the UK all over the country. For your nearest dropzone, visit the British Parachute Association's website at

All parachute centres offer courses to novice skydivers but if possible it is always good to chat to some experienced skydivers to find out the best locations to learn.

How much will it cost?

Prices range from £155 to £190 per person on a weekday and start from £200 per person at weekends. If you decide to get some friends together and do it as a group, the price will decrease. All prices include a mandatory membership to the British Parachute Association.

The charity option

Alternatively, you could choose to go through a charity. Not only will you have the time of your life, you will also be able to raise lots of cash for a worthy cause. If you do decide to skydive for charity, it is more than likely the charity will already have packages available. This will then save you the hassle of making all the arrangements.

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