Slimming World diet review

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We put the Slimming World diet under the microscope, so you can decide whether it is the right diet for you. With a wide choice of weight loss diets, choosing the right diet plan is not easy, so hopefully we can narrow it down for you with our Slimming World review.

The theory of the Slimming World diet

There are two ‘plans’ you can follow with Slimming World called ‘Original days’ and ‘Green days’. On Green days you are allowed to pick from a large range of foods that are ‘free’ (meaning you can eat unlimited quantities) from the starchy food group such as pasta, potatoes and rice; from the vegetables and fruit group and many pulses and beans too. If you prefer meat, then the Original days may suit you better. On these days you can have more protein and the foods that you can eat freely include fish, lean meat, and most fruit and vegetables (it is important though to have a balance between Original days and Green days). There are also ‘syn’ ratings for certain foods and depending on how much weight you want to lose you are allowed a specific number of syns per day.

Lose weight through Slimming World

Our opinion on Slimming World diet — marked out of 10 .

Satisfying hunger 4
Good for health 6
Ease to follow 6
Expense 3

Overall review of Slimming World diet

This is a good eating plan if the Green days are chosen more frequently than the Original days. Slimming World is a low-fat eating plan that will help weight loss because it helps you to drastically cut the number of calories you eat.

Pros and cons of Slimming World Diet

Pros of Slimming World diet

  • Support from a consultant leading the class and the group.
  • A structured plan that can help you stick to a low-fat diet.
  • A maintenance program is provided.

Cons of Slimming World diet

  • You have to feel ready to lose weight, despite the detailed plan; Slimming World cannot make you lose weight.
  • There could be a tendency for some people to choose more Original days than Green days; this may lead to an unbalanced intake of nutrients, for example: too much protein and not enough carbohydrate.
Alcohol — allowed, but as it contains so many calories it will contribute to your daily 'syn' allowance.
Suitable for vegetarians — yes.
Suitable for vegans — yes, by sticking to the Green days.
Suitable for coeliacs — yes, but coeliacs should always tailor their eating plan to the advice they receive from their dietitian.
Need to buy specialist foods — no
Restaurant friendly — yes, but make sure that you are familiar with what you are allowed on both plans before dining out.

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