Snowboarding safety

Top tips to stay safe on the snowboarding slopes

Although snowboarding is fun, it also comes with a lot of dangers in the form of tricky slopes and unreliable weather conditions. As a result, here'our guide to snowboarding safety.

Know your snowboarding limits

If you are new to snowboarding and snowboarding safety, you are advised to take lessons. Your instructor will safely guide you down gentle slopes until you are ready to take on longer and more challenging pistes. You must never venture onto slopes that are too steep or difficult for your snowboarding level. This could at the least shatter your confidence, or at the worst, result in grave injury.

Snowboarding safety

Know your snowboarding runs

Skiing and snowboarding pistes are color-coded according to their level of difficulty, and it's highly important that you learn these for snowboarding safety purposes:

  • Green – these are the easiest runs which are shallow and suitable for beginner snowboarder and skiers.
  • Blue – these are quite shallow and are suitable for improving and intermediate level snowboarders and skiers.
  • Red – these pistes are quite steep and can be quite narrow. They are suited to snowboarders and skiers with substantial experience.
  • Black – these are the steepest and most difficult runs. They should only be attempted by advanced snowboarders and skiers.

Always snowboard with a piste map

The different coloured pistes are indicated on the piste map for the area. One of the most snowboarding safety tips we can give you is to have one with you at all times when you are snowboarding. Without a piste map you could easily take a wrong turn and end up struggling on a piste too difficult for your abilities.

Choose your snowboarding resort carefully

It’s best to choose a resort that suits your ability. If you are in a mixed-ability group, this means selecting a good all-round resort so the snowboarding is safe and fun for all in the group.

Know the rules of the snowboarding slopes

The International Ski Federation (ISF) has set up rules for conduct for skiers and snowboarders, the purpose being to imprive snowboarding safety standards.

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