Step aerobics

Workout with step aerobics

Step aerobics has fluctuated in popularity since its introduction in 1989, but it never goes away. As with aerobics, step classes can range from an athletic but simple routine – involving various ways and combinations of stepping up and down onto an adjustable platform – to practically dancing over a step. The simple act of stepping up and down forms a solid aerobic workout that focuses on the muscle conditioning of the legs and bum. The step is also often used as a base for floor exercises at the end of the class.

The names of the different types of step classes give a clue to their content – for example, ‘athletic step’ or ‘power step’ will involve more jumps and power moves, while ‘step 'n tone’ is likely to focus more on the muscular endurance side of things, and may involve hand weights for upper body conditioning.

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Low to moderate
Challenge rating Dependent on the individual class – and how hard you work. The level of challenge can be altered by lowering or raising the step height.
Complexity rating Again, dependent on the individual class.
Benefits Improves coordination and balance.

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