Surfing as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

Well we all know what surfing is, but probably don’t realize how difficult it can be to actually surf. Surfing requires a combination of strength, stamina, balance, agility and of course bravery! But you don’t have to tackle the big surf from the off, of course; just getting up on the surfboard can be a major achievement in itself.

man surfing

Who is surfing suitable for?

Surfing is suitable for anyone of reasonable fitness — and the ability to swim at least a couple of lengths of your local pool is a must. People who have taken to the likes of skateboarding or snowboarding will probably take to surfing a lot easier — while the rest of us will just have to stick at it!

Risk factors of surfing

Provided you start out with a qualified instructor, there is minimal risk as qualified lifeguards will usually be keeping watch. If you opt to do it the hard way, then make sure you start out with an experienced friend, watch out for the rip currents, and don’t get too adventurous initially.

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