T — Fitness A-Z

Fitness terms beginning with 'T'

Our A to Z of fitness terms should ensure you are well versed in all the jargon and other technical terms associated with fitness. Here’s all the fitness terms we have identified beginning with ‘T’…

Taper, technique.
A period of time within a training program where the athlete reduces the volume and intensity of his or her training in readiness for a targeted event. This method allows the body and mind to recover from training so that a maximal performance can be achieved during competition.

Tendon, body part.
Connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones.

Theroband, equipment.
See Dynoband.

Training diary, other technical term.
A day-by-day, week-by-week record of training, used as a training evaluation tool to identify whether systems and sessions are effective or not.

Treadmill, equipment.
Gym running machine with variable speed and incline options. Treadmills often also have pre-set running programs such as hill sessions.

Triceps, body part.
General name given to the muscles at the back of the upper arms.

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