T – Running A-Z

Running terms beginning with 'T'

A selection of key running terms to ensure that running terminology doesn’t leave you confused. Refer to the key running terms below and find out their meaning so that you’ll be a running expert in no time...

Taper, technique.
A period of time within a training program where the athlete reduces the volume and intensity of his or her training in readiness for a targeted event. This method allows the body and mind to recover from training so that a maximal performance can be achieved during competition.

Ten kilometre race, (10k), activity.
A very popular race distance of 6.2 miles, the 10k caters for both the seasoned runner looking to train for a blend of speed and endurance, and runners looking to step up from their first introduction to the sport.

Tendon, body part.
Connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones.

Track running, activity.
Distances from 100m to 10,000m are usually run on synthetic Olympic-sized 400m tracks, which are also used for training. Track distance running is quite different to road, trail or fell running in that the terrain is consistently flat, and also because high levels of concentration are required to maintain an even pace over a repetitious course. Track training is extremely beneficial because exact distances can be covered, which can then be easily translated to a target race pace.

Trail shoes, equipment.
Less aggressively studded shoes for running on woodland trails rather than muddy cross-country courses. Trail shoes are usually designed to include some road running, which would be uncomfortable with shoes that have more deeply studded outsoles, as the studs would press into the foot when impacting on the hard road surface.

Training diary, other technical term.
A day-by-day, week-by-week record of training, used as a training evaluation tool to identify whether systems and sessions are effective or not.

Treadmill, equipment.
Gym running machine with variable speed and incline options. Treadmills often also have pre-set running programmes such as hill sessions.

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