The Amalfi Drive, Italy

Amalfi Drive road trips

A day-long trip along a narrow and twisting sightseeing road next to sheer rock cliffs just south of Naples and Pompeii. There’s only a three-foot wall separating the road from a massive drop to the sea as you head on the 30-mile route.

It is possible to take the drive either heading north or south – the more fainthearted prefer the northbound Amalfi Drive direction because the southbound lane worryingly hugs the sea cliff edge! The roadway has only occasional railings to keep your car from potentially plunging into the craggy waters below – and if you add to that the scores of tourist buses encroaching into your lane, you’ll see that it can be a very challenging yet rewarding experience.

Why the Amalfi Drive is special

The Amalfi Drive is said to be one of the most spectacular roads in Europe. There are plenty of picturesque villages along the route – which stretches from Sorrento to Amalfi village and gives its name to the whole coast on which it lies.

The road is arguably one of the most beautiful and thrilling routes in the world, as it has panoramic views at every bend and plenty of picturesque pink-and-white hillside villas perched on the edges. The beautiful cathedral in Amalfi is said to house the remains of the Patron Saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew. Amalfi is now also a thriving holiday resort.

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