The handball court

The basic dimensions of the handball court

Before you start out playing handball, here's a few handball basics, including the dimensions of the court and the ball used.

  • The handball court — measures 40m x 20m (131.25ft x 65.62ft).
  • The handball goal — 2m (6.56ft) tall and 3m (9.84ft) wide.
  • 6m line — the dividing line between goalkeepers and the rest of the players.
  • 7m line — where penalty shots are taken following fouls on players with a clear shooting chance on goal.
  • 9m line — an arcing dotted line extending from the goal. It marks where an attacking team resumes play after being fouled inside the line. Also known as the ‘free-throw line’.
  • Halfway line — where the game is started from at the beginning of the game and after half-time, and also for restarting after a goal is scored.
  • Substitution line — where players must leave the court when a substitution is made.
  • Goal area in handball — the area in which the goalkeeper operates. Players can jump in this area so long as they release the ball before they land.
The handball court

The handball

  • For the men’s game: the ball is 58 to 60cm (22.83 to 23.62in) in circumference and is 425 to 475g (15 to 16.75oz) in weight.
  • For the women’s game: the ball is 54 to 56cm (21.25 to 22.05in) in circumference and is 325 to 375g (11.46 to 13.23oz) in weight.

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  • handball 'Such as with most international sports, there is a governing body for team handball, That body is called the International Handball Federation (IHF). The Fedaration standardizes both the rules of the game and the court dimensions for a team handball court.'

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