The Realbuzz Group Chairman Tim Rogers speaks to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2

Tim Rogers talks half marathons, running kit and penguins with Chris Evans

On 9th March 2015 Tim Rogers, Chairman of The Realbuzz Group, caught up with Chris Evans on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show. Following news that Chris will be taking on the Windsor Half Marathon in September, Tim was asked to appear on the show to give his expert advice as a veteran of 300+ half marathons himself. You can find the interview in full below, or listen again on the BBC Radio 2 website.

Chris Evans: Good morning Tim!

Tim Rogers: Good morning!

CE: Well, here’s the thing… We did 5 miles on Friday and we sort of shuffled, and we did 0.8 of a mile then we walked for 2 minutes then we did another 0.8 of a mile and we got to 5 miles so, we were quite pleased with that. Is that the way to go?

Listen again to Tim's interview with Chris Evans on the BBC Radio 2 website. The interview starts at 2:07:30.

TR: Yeah absolutely, the key is you don’t do too much too soon. That’s really, really important, and you did it right by not running the whole time. One of the big mistakes people make when they’re starting out is they just run as far as they can, and get so tired they just don’t want to do it again. So the key for you is, you want to do it again after that first session.

CE: Alright, lets fantasise a moment and let’s imagine we get to 10 miles at some point. Is it true, after an hour – I hear all these things now and they’re all brilliant to talk about aren’t they Tim, but you do get a bit nerdy instantly don’t you when you start running…

TR: You do!

CE: And is it true that after an hour you do need to start taking on things like the odd gel because your body doesn’t have anything left after an hour basically without any help that you need?

TR: Yeah that depends on a whole range issues, and obviously it also depends on the weather as well. If you’re running in serious hot weather you need to make sure you’ve got plenty of water on board, but a lot of people when they run a marathon will take gels and they generally take one every hour or so, but with a half marathon you don’t need to worry so much about that. You do see people going into some of these races laden down with so many goodies on these fuel belts that they go a bit over the top, you don’t need to do that.

CE: You do see that and it’s hilarious, it’s like when you buy a car. Say you’ve never owned a Mini before, and you buy a Mini and suddenly you start seeing all the Minis because they’re prevalent in your mind. So now I see thousands more runners that I’m sure didn’t exist a week ago. But of course, you see all the runners, and the different ways they run, and what they’re wearing, and compare yourself to them all the time, and they do have these sort of running equivalent of the tool belt.

TR: That’s right, and it’s just not necessary. The key for you is if you train properly, you don’t need to worry about all those gels. Often people take a lot of those because they haven’t done the training and think that’s going to be a substitute for the training. It isn’t!

CE: Okay, but we’re okay between now and September. Is it true that most people have a half marathon in them somehow?

TR: Absolutely. Everyone’s got a marathon in them Chris!

CE: Really, a marathon? Come on stop that now, stop this wicked talk here for heaven’s sake! Okay so give us some top tips as we carry on…


The Windsor Half Marathon takes place on September 27, 2015. For full information and to sign up today, click here>>.

TR: Right, so obviously you’ve done a fair bit of running before to get the point where you are now, because that’s a pretty good start!

CE: Yes!

TR: But the important thing is you’ve got to get yourself a training plan. You’ve got to have structure to your training because otherwise you'll just randomly do the odd distance and it won’t piece together as any kind of structured guide. So you’ve got to have a plan. You don’t need to rigidly stick to it too much, but you need a guide. The most important thing is, every week you do a long run, and 2 or 3 other runs that support that long run. And every week that long run gets a little bit longer. And then all of a sudden you’re at this magic 10/11 mile mark which is all you need to be at for a half marathon. You don’t need to do 13 miles in your training. Once you get to 10/11 miles, you’ll be fine. So the training plan is absolutely key. And you know, there will be days when you’ll have to go out for a run and you just won’t feel like it, but you’ve just got to keep pushing through.

CE: Okay, and good kit of course, you need to get the best kit you can afford without going too mad about it. But also, how many runs a week do we need to do? 2 or 3? Would 2 do it, or do we need 3?

TR: You’re probably looking at 3 really, preferably 4 nearer the time. Then 6 weeks beforehand you need to up it to 4. But again, it’s the quality you’re doing, there’s no point doing 4 runs at only 2 miles. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got that long run with 2 or 3 runs to support it. You’re right with the kit, the good thing about running is that you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money on kit. But you’ve got to remember about your shoes, you can only get about 5 or 6 hundred miles out of a pair of shoes.

CE: I think we’ll be fine, I might sell mine to a second owner!

TR: No the miles will soon add up, what you don’t want to do is go into the race with a pair of shoes where all the air’s gone out of the sole.

CE: Alright, and more people are running, it’s not just my imagination is it?

TR: Oh absolutely, because it’s great for your fitness and like I said, it’s cheap to get into and there’s so many events going on of all different types, and it’s such a great sport. So much more sociable than it used to be, lots of good running clubs you can join, so it’s a really great way of getting fit and staying fit.

CE: Okay so you’ve ran 300 half marathons, just before you go… what was your favourite half marathon and can you give us the inside scoop on the Windsor Half Marathon which we’ve now been told is very hilly?

TR: It’s not flat, let’s put it like that!

CE: Okay not flat is another way of describing it…

TR: Favourite half marathon? Probably Antarctica, fantastic! Penguins waddling across the course.

CE: Oh that’s brilliant!

TR: Bit cold though.

CE: Okay alright, Windsor, you’ve done Windsor?

TR: Yes I have a few years ago, beautiful course, great setting. But it was what they call in the running game ‘undulating.’

CE: Lovely to talk to you, thanks so much for being on the programme.

TR: No problem!

CE: Cheers, lovely man – don’t know him, you can just tell can’t ya! You can just tell he’s a good guy. He’s got good vibes.

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